The Manifest

The paradigm of progress pursued by humankind has become a force of nature in itself, outpacing the natural regenerative cycles of our planet. The discovery of an equal and opposite paradigm has therefore become the urgent demand of our time.

Planetary Services takes up this task, seeking an alternative course to restore our connection to each other and our home. As we pursue unconventional projects, we pilot celestial knowledge to foster human connection. We believe the answers lie beyond the worn pathways and set our sight toward unexplored expanses of space.

Our crew is fluent in nonlinear modes of communication. Our allies span the known universe. Our vessel thrives in zero-gravity environments. Our vow is to fight for earth and all its inhabitants.

When future beings find traces of our work, we hope they recognize that intelligence once thrived in this corner of the universe. No matter what the future holds, PS will be out there — a blinking light in boundless space.


We leverage our fluency in nonlinear modes of communication to help our partners articulate their unique voice. With an understanding of their mission, we weave narratives that resonate across the universe, unifying humans and fostering deeper connections.

We consider the expansive and boundless nature of our partners. We create names that are memorable, meaningful, other-worldly, and mirroring their journey in the vast expanse of space.

We Engineer system structures that reflect our partners foundational ethos. Like the intricate formation of celestial bodies, system architecture ensures coherence, unity, and sustainability, paving the way for our partners to thrive in diverse environments.

Orientation is a core part of navigating the unknown. We assist our partners in defining a direction, ensuring that their journey is aligned with their values and Objectives. We provide guidance and clarity as they navigate their industry, just as we set our course toward the cosmic void.

Positioning, like a blinking light in boundless space, is crucial in defining our partners in the universe. We help establish their unique value proposition, distinguishing them from other life forms and highlight their unique contributions to their sector and the world at large.

We believe that the answers lie beyond the worn pathways. Our research strategy involves probing unexplored expanses, leveraging data and insights to understand the terrain of our partners industries. We help them to anticipate trends, understand humans, and make informed decisions, all in the pursuit of sustainable growth.


Inspired by the ceaseless beauty of the cosmos, we provide a visual compass for our partners, crafting aesthetic experiences that resonateS with humans and guide them towards a deeper understanding of our partners world.

We take on the task of shaping our partners visual identity akin to forming celestial bodies. With deep understanding and love for our partners values and mission, we create a consistent visual and narrative identity that aims to disrupts nature.

rooted in the exploration of the uncharted expanses of space, We provide visionary guidance for our partners. WE craft ideas that align with their unique universe with effective modes of communication.

We create spaces and experiences that respect and reflect the natural world, patterns found in nature, fostering a connection between our partners, humans, and environments found on earth.

Our crew seeks to capture our partners voice in written language. We select and design typefaces that reflect our partners character, enhancing readability, and ensuring thier message is not only communicated, but felt.


We Engineer digital infrastructure akin to constructing vessels that thrive in zero-gravity environments. We aim to create robust, scalable, and user-friendly platforms that reflect our partners ethos and serve as a conduit for their mission.

We engineer secure, easy-to-navigate, and efficient e-commerce experiences that connect our partners products with humans across the globe.

As pioneers seeking alternative courses, we embrace the cutting-edge technology of Web3. We leverage blockchain, decentralized finance, and other Web3 technologies to to promote transparency, decentralization, and user empowerment.

UX is centered on fostering human connection. We engineer intuitive and engaging user experiences, ensuring that every interaction humans have with our partners is meaningful and satisfying.


We bring ideas to life in the physical world through immersive events and initiatives that engage humans directly.

We pilot our partners ideas through interstellar campaigns. campaigns are strategically designed to resonate with real humans, drive interaction, and further our partners objectives here on earth.

Our crew captures the essence of our partners story, much like documenting a shuttle launching into orbit. We create compelling visual narratives that communicate our partners mission, products, and values, evoking emotion and inspiring humans.

We capture moments that reflect the unique intricacies of our partners world, products, and environments.

akin to a well-coordinated space mission, We manage all aspects of production, from initial planning to launch, ensuring every detail aligns with our partners objectives.